Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Walk

As is on a lot of weekends at our house we try to get out. Even if it's just for a walk around the neighborhood. This Saturday we went around the block to the local school so my son could play on the equipment.

On our way over we came across the new construction starting at a house (that is used by the parks board for meetings) that burned down a while back. They are going to be making a newer bigger meeting house for groups in the area. Can't wait to see what it is going to look like.

What kid doesn't like big trucks and excavators. So I took a picture for my son :)

It seems they had their sports day at the school on Friday so there were some remnant of what went on. 
these were all, as a sight read, done by Div 5 from Cliff Drive Elementary
I thought this one was quite unique
From what I could read this said "The Very Hungry Cup Cakepillar " I love children's imaginations
Loved the work on this one :) GO Canucks GO!         

Then it was off to the swings, slides and teeter toter!
Its funny my son has to go on each one of them :)

My daughter wanted to join in on the fun but she is a little to small yet :)

After at the fun we headed back home for some hot chocolate and snacks. I know what you are thinking hot chocolate in June??? I make up hot chocolate for my son and then mix it with a WHOLE lot of milk. What he gets is more chocolate milk. For some reason he has to have it after nearly every walk we go on right now. Ah what doesn't hurt you right :) It's just nice to get out and spend some family time in the sunshine.

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