Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Loves and Likes

Loving that the Strawberry season if finally here! When I was young my Mother, sister and I would go every year with ice cream buckets in hand off to Westham Island in Ladner BC to go berry picking. The farm that we use to go to and my family knew do not produce strawberries any more I think they do potato now a days. I remember the owners of the farm telling us that if my sister and I didn't come back with red (from the strawberries) all over our faces from eating them she would send us back out. Of course as kids we were more than happy to oblige her.So it was one for the bucket and one to eat! :)  Now a days we go to Emma Lea's Farm

Just remember when going to pick strawberries have at least one or two very sunny days before you go get them :) Then you get the nicest, yummies and sweeties berries!

Happy Berry Picking and the best part Eating!!

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