Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Loves and Likes

I am liking this! I so am in the mood to go on an adventure. With living in BC an adventure is always just right around the corner. We have the best of most everything in BC. Ya I know everyone says that about where they live :) This is the next place I think I want to venture to. I haven't been over to the Island in a long while and this place in Tofino caught my eye.  Ocean Village Resort  . This place has these little cabins that look so nice and it's RIGHT on the beach. To open your door and look out onto the sea would be a wonderful wake up. To see the sunsets as you ended your day Heaven. There are a ton of hiking trails around there too. Hmmm.... just have to figure out when we can go :)

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Zombie Leah said...

Last August we went up to Tofino just for a day trip. It's absolutely beautiful there. Can bring your surfboard too, if you're braver than me. lol Watch the prices in cafes and the life though, everything seems to be priced for tourists.