Saturday, July 23, 2011

Girly goods

We are going to a little girls 3rd birthday on Sunday. Now I am usually in the boy mode for what to get when it comes to 3 year olds (since I have one) so I had to think on this one. I finally came up with what I think most every little girl needs :) A tutu!! Now I could have just gone and bought one from the store but they are expensive and not that great. So I did as any person would do and said I can make that! And so I did! Really it wasn't hard at all. Around 4 yards of tulle, some ribbon and I had it made in about an hour or two.

 I had to try it on my own daughter just to see how it looked. What do you think? She seemed to love it.

Ok I will admit this isn't a good picture, but you try to get a ten month old to stay still with a tutu on lol  I think I will be making her one very soon :)

I hope little B likes it and has many fun dress up days :)

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