Monday, April 25, 2011

Interesting Things with Parenthood

One of the interesting things that have happened to me since having children is the “Platinum Blonde” hair’s that have started emerging in my red locks. Now it isn’t really Platinum Blonde that has come in but that is what I like to call the gray hairs that are there. For me they seem to be quite white. It’s funny, you know the old saying that maybe your mother said to you “You put these gray hairs here” I guess she was right. With the stress of childbirth and the lack of sleep that a woman (and sometimes the significant other) goes through seem to have created them. I have never felt my age so to get these hairs emerging is slightly troubling. Do I pluck them out or start dying my hair? A hard thing to do when you are a redhead. Or should I just leave them as a mark of parenthood? In a way, I like many others, have earned every one of them.

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